TRONIS® Videos

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TRONIS Tech Demo - Graphical User Interface


This Tech-Demo shows the workflow of scenario creation and usage with the TRONIS® Graphical User Interface. TRONIS® is an environment for the virtual prototyping and safeguarding of advanced driver assistance systems. It is based on a modern and modular 3D gaming engine, therefore driving and traffic scenarios can be efficiently imaged and tested.

TRONIS Tech Demo - Brake Assistant


This Tech-Demo demonstrates the co-simulation of TRONIS® with an external brake assistant application. TRONIS® provides the complete scenario simulation including sensors, driving dynamics and pedestrians. The sensor signals (here: segmented camera image and lidar point cloud) are sent via the TRONIS® communication interface directly to the external brake assistant, where they are processed and the response is sent back to the vehicle in TRONIS®.

TRONIS Tech Demo - Visualization Sensor Output


This Tech-Demo shows how you can easily visualize sensor output within the TRONIS® simulation.

TRONIS Tech Demo - Lidar Sensor


This Tech-Demo shows the TRONIS® lidar sensor simulation.