Tronis® is a virtual environment for the prototyping and safeguarding of highly automated driving assistance systems.

It relies on the state of the art open source gaming engine Unreal which paves the way towards a realistic environment, vehicle and driver simulation. As a user, you have the possibility to import and design environments and respective scenarios, configure a virtual vehicle with respective common sensors such as camera, ultrasonic or lidar and test the vehicle behaviour in the virtual world accordingly. You can even train your own neural networks required for deploying AI in ADAS systems.

Tronis® is unique in several ways. First, it implements a graphical user interface for Unreal tailored to the needs of ADAS engineers. The Unreal gaming engine comes along with a large community of skilled designers and thus Tronis® gives you access to a huge set of assets which you can exploit for building your scenarios. Second, it connects a highly realistic environment with vehicle simulation by using the precise physics. Furthermore, it relies on a state of the art gaming engine which is open source, modular and flexible, and thus prevents vendor lock-in while customer specific development according to your needs is possible. The fourth benefit is that the virtual sensor implementations are accurate and qualify for real-time processing and parallel execution allowing the user to test even complex scenarios and configurations at maximum performance.

Possible Use Cases

  • ADAS Development and Testing
  • Complex Environment Creation and Simulation
  • Training of Neural Networks for e.g. Object Recognition
  • Software- and Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
  • Sensor Simulation (Low- and High-Level)
  • Rapid Prototyping for Demonstrators, Robots and Algorithms